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Slow Motion in Application

We’ve all seen those videos that were filmed at an incredibly high frame rate and then slowed down so that a one second clip takes over a minute to watch. [...]

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Gimbal Stabilization

Have you ever wondered how major films are able to achieve that smooth motion look? A shot follows a character down the hall and it feels like you’re walki[...]

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Company Intranets and Portals

  • 01 September 2016
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In today’s digital age, more and more companies are using online resources to manage their resources. Of course, any time you manage your team’s content on[...]

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Raw. Full. Web.

Whenever a client uses our photography services, we provide the final versions of the images in both RAW and JPEG files. Within the JPEG format, we also ex[...]

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The Experience of Birdeye

At Birdeye, providing you with a quality experience is central to everything we do. You may have come to us for a specific project, or perhaps you just had[...]

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What is "Film"?

Many people who walk by our office or visit our website ask us what the word “film” entails. In fact, it’s not entirely uncommon for an older person to wal[...]

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