Beginning the 10th Year

Here at Birdeye, we recently crossed a big milestone as we celebrated nine years in business. This was a great opportunity for us to reflect on all the changes that websites and our business have experienced during this time. Of course, it also gave us a chance to look ahead as we begin our tenth year in business.

So what lies ahead as we start year ten? As we begin this exciting period, we’re honing in on the services where we’ve best developed our skills: web development and search engine optimization (SEO). We’re excited for the many opportunities in these areas and grateful for the many learning experiences we’ve had over the past several years. We believe that an even greater emphasis on these important skills will allow us to further sharpen our expertise and deliver better results for our clients.

Of course, this is far from the only area where we are looking toward the future. We are also actively working to improve the security of our clients’ online presence, using the latest technology to keep your site safe.

Websites have changed a lot over the last nine years—and so has Birdeye. By looking ahead to see what improvements can be made for our websites and our company as a whole, we’re confident that we’ll continue to adapt and build an even better future.