A business that sells goods, such as clothing or electronics, is held to somewhat of a higher standard than a business that simply sells services. Not only do people who are interested in those goods want to visit a clean and professional website, but they also want the website to give them easy, fast access to those goods.

When visiting an e-commerce site it is always nice to have a fully functioning website that incorporates the ability to purchase said goods and items. Have you ever visited a site that sells physical items like t-shirts or sunglasses, only to have the site’s message say, Please email or call us if you are interested in one of our products. Or, maybe there is the option to purchase products through their site, but it’s simply a link to a third-party site that doesn’t match their brand, and that doesn’t make you feel confident in giving out your payment information. These details can make or break a great sale.

It is so important to your brand to have everything look and function seamlessly in all aspects of your website.

This is where a fully custom online store comes into play. Incorporating a store directly into your website is the most desirable option for a number of reasons, but the two biggest are:

1. The theme and branding directly correlates with the brand and color scheme of the website.

2. The backend is easier to maintain and is compiled into one database. This way, the person running reports and orders doesn’t have to work with two different databases and two different sets of information between different sites. Everything is streamlined into one all-encompassing experience.

Here at Birdeye, we offer fully custom e-commerce websites. We want to work with you and your business to provide the most enjoyable and fluid experience possible.