Facebook is one of the most popular social networks on the Internet today. Facebook gained tons of popularity in 2008 and has continued to climb ever since. It’s used by what may seem like everyone on the planet, including your grandparents. It’s also become a very popular marketing tool for business. A lot of business use Facebook as an outlet for marketing, we use Facebook as an outlet for marketing.

But Facebook isn’t for everyone.

A lot of marketing companies will tell you that you need to be on Facebook and social media is a must for effectively marketing your business. In some ways they’re right, it’s popular, it has a lot of potential reach and it’s free. One thing that is often left out of Facebook and social media marketing is strategy. You can’t set up a Facebook and expect business to begin flowing through your door at unmanageable rates.

In order to effectively utilize a Facebook as a marketing channel there needs to be a strategy behind it, there has to be purpose. Your target market/client needs to be analyzed and whether or not they’ll actually be using Facebook to find you. See, Facebook is only as powerful as the amount of likes you have and for people who already know you. If you’re trying to reach somebody new who doesn’t know about your business you’ll be disappointed in your results. It’s not an easy thing to confront but more often times than not it’s the truth. We’re not saying that Facebook is a hopeless marketing channel. We’re saying that before diving into Facebook as a primary outlet for marketing a strategy needs to be developed and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you develop that strategy.