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Social Media is Evolving—Here’s How!

At this point, it seems like Facebook and Twitter have been around forever. But do you even remember what these platforms were like when they first launched? In its early stages, Facebook didn’t have an option for private messages, and every status started with “[Name] is…”

Needless to say, things have evolved quite a bit since then, with chat, live video, and other features all making a huge impact on the way we interact online. But the changes aren’t going to stop there—social media experts expect even more in the years to come.

The Emotional Side

Effective marketing does much more than simply deliver facts and statistics regarding your product or service. The best marketing campaigns understand that they need to get emotional—even if it’s sad. If you really want to make a strong impression with your potential customers, tapping into the emotional nature of your brand is an absolute must.

The Art of the Hashtag

The use of hashtags (#) has become one of the most important elements of social media marketing. While you’ve doubtless seen many hashtags on social media, not everyone understands how this can improve their digital marketing results.

In a nutshell, hashtags increase your digital footprint and help your social media posts reach new audiences. When you add a hashtag to a relevant word or phrase in your post, it makes your content searchable. It essentially “categorizes” your content on social media.

Social Media Graphics

Social media is a big part of our lives. In fact, people spend an average of 51 minutes each day looking at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities? When done right, social media can serve as a highly cost-effective method of connecting with your target audience. But how can you be sure that your social media marketing is having an impact? Including high-quality graphics is key to your success.

Using LinkedIn Successfully

With over 65 million business professionals from around the world using LinkedIn, you’ve probably heard of this unique social media platform before. You might even have a profile yourself! While many individuals view LinkedIn as a way of promoting their own career growth, this social media platform also provides some great opportunities for B2B marketers.

How to Integrate Your Brand Into All Aspects of Your Company

Most companies have logos and brand elements that they include on their building or website—but all too often, they miss other branding and marketing opportunities, simply because they don’t know about them. At Birdeye, we’ve had our fair share of missed opportunities in the past, but we’ve continued learning to ensure that no branding opportunity slips through the cracks.

When Interview Style Voiceovers Go Wrong

Interview-style voiceovers are great for many types of videos. For example, this type of voiceover is perfect for documentary style shots or behind-the-scenes looks at your company. But just because an “interview style” voiceover is great for some projects doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everything.

The thing is, an interview-style voiceover probably isn’t going to be your best option for most of your marketing videos—those projects where you’re making a direct appeal to your customers and trying to sell what makes your product or service so great.

Telling the Story of Your Brand

Every brand has a story.

With social media and digital marketing providing us with access to more information than ever before, your customers want to hear your story too! After all, your brand story is what makes you unique. It’s what helps you stand out from the competition and form meaningful connections with your customers.

Shake Things Up. Again.

Change is a constant in life. As a business owner, you’ve no doubt seen quite a few things change over the years, and you’ve probably had to adapt some of your practices as a result. The thing is, technology won’t stop expanding and changing, and neither should your business practices or marketing methods. Your willingness to shake things up will be key to your lasting success.