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What Are Moodboards?

Here at Birdeye, moodboards play a key role during our web design process. These documents allow us to determine the key design pieces that will be showcased on your site, giving our team a clear snapshot of what your site should look like once it is completed.

The moodboard design allows us to develop the colors, typefaces, and other design details and features that will make up the look of your site. All of these elements combine to create a particular feeling associated with your brand or site—the overall feeling people will get when they view your content.

Proofs and Sample Books

When it comes to your marketing, you want everything you spend money on to turn out exactly the way you expected.

This is especially true when it comes to physical products, such as printed ads, business cards, t-shirts and other materials. None of these items come for free, and as such, it is extremely important that you get what you pay for. This is why before giving final approval for these types of promotions, you should always ask for physical proofs or samples.

Worthy Print Work

Print design has definitely taken a hit in the last five years, but we still think it is as valuable as ever. With so many advances in digital technology, we’ve lost the sense and worth of holding something in our hands. But with so much information and imagery coming at us constantly, we’re used to swiping something away or clicking X with our mouse. That means that holding a real magazine or brochure that can’t be easily avoided is more powerful than ever in some ways.


Time Matters

Time matters in today's busy lives. Time matters when you're hungry and when you are shopping. Do you have to get it on the run at a fast-food restaurant or do you need shoes that you ordered shipped to your house from California in two days? These specific needs will cost you either money or quality. Design will be affected by time the same way everything else is.


Emotions from Design

The first sings of spring after a long winter can put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s that refreshing sense of something new, something bright, and something different that makes us have an immediate emotional reaction. Design can be just as important to setting a mood as the weather. When we see something special in logos, flyers, billboards, and other forms of marketing—it can really change the whole atmosphere around us.


Illustration or Photography

Photography and illustrations can serve the same purpose with the same results. It all depends on how crazy or how real you want things to be.

With illustrations and info graphics in advertisements, you will have a lot more options and your style can be more customizable.


You really don't have many restraints because almost anything imaginable can be illustrated or drawn. That’s where you find  weakness and limitations in photography.

Musical Impact in Design

There are many things that designers do to be inspired and keep the creative juices flowing. There is no wrong thing to do, but one of the most common inspirational habits that Birdeye uses is music.

Every designer will eventually arrive at a creative block, this happens when nothing is popping, when nothing gives you that kickstart to a project.

You find yourself just staring at a white piece of paper or blank document on the computer.

What to know and expect from Birdeye in a Logo Design Project.

Trust and time are key for Birdeye and the design team. The more trust and time we have for the project the better the final outcome will be. Providing us with important information such as any untouchables, standards that have to be matched, and things that should be used or absolutely not used are vital information to providing you with an end product that everyone is proud of.

What We Expect

We understand and know that sometimes you don’t exactly know what you are looking for or what we need. You may have an understanding that you need advertising but have no clue what you are expecting. With that in mind, we understand if you come to us knowing that you want a logo or website but aren’t sure what to expect or what you are looking for. We are not expecting you to know all the details and have your mind made up on every small detail of the project. These decisions probably never crossed your mind and there is no problem with that.