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Video is one of the most important assets in your marketing tool belt. It’s the perfect method to inform or entertain your customers while also building an emotional connection with your brand. At Birdeye, we’re experienced in a wide range of video content, including TV commercials, web videos and instructional videos. No matter what you need to create a video for, we’ll make sure it’s done right!

  • The Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce in Wooster, OH is a trusted and long-standing partner with the Birdeye team. Utilizing a fast-paced and creative approach for showcasing their nominees for the 2016 Small Business of the Year Awards Ceremony, Birdeye was able to consistently convey each nominee in a light that was asthetically pleasing as well as informational. Larry's Music in Wooster, OH was selected as a finalist and seeing as most of our video production team are musicians, we are particallarly proud of how this video turned out. Plus, who doesn't like cool footage of guitars and drums?

  • The relationship between Wooster Community Hospital and Birdeye has proven to benefit both parties time and time again. With new technology comes the desire to show that technology off, and what better way to do that than in a television commercial spot? Locally broadcasted to WCH's target audience, this commercial was created to communicate how robotics have benefited the surgical procedures and patients at Wooster Community Hospital.

  • Birdeye was excited for the opportunity to concept, shoot and produce a video showcasing the rich history of the Walnut Creek Foods brands. Spending time on location at each Walnut Creek Foods facility provided insight to how they operate, what they value, and the quality of people that make up their organization. The end result is a short, yet powerful snapshot that conveys the heartbeat and soul of this Holmes County grown business.

  • Passionate about seeing young people discover and pursue their dreams, the Wayne County Schools Career Center in Smithville, OH strives to connect high school-aged students to career paths that interest them and provide the opportunity to jumpstart their career through technical training and classroom learning. Partnering with the Birdeye film team allowed WCSCC to visually communicate the daily activities that their career-focused programs provide in creating opportunities for students, both in high school and after they graduate.

  • Smithville, Ohio's Wayne County Schools Career Center takes pride in watching their alumni pursue a career path that was started within their walls. To communicate Evan Beery's story, a 2012 graduate of the career center, the Birdeye film team sat down and interviewed him about the benefits of receiving a technical education. The objective was to engage high school students that may be considering involvment with such programs, hence the hip tunes.