The Art of the Hashtag

Submitted by Birdeye on Fri, 07/28/2017 - 10:22am

The use of hashtags (#) has become one of the most important elements of social media marketing. While you’ve doubtless seen many hashtags on social media, not everyone understands how this can improve their digital marketing results.

In a nutshell, hashtags increase your digital footprint and help your social media posts reach new audiences. When you add a hashtag to a relevant word or phrase in your post, it makes your content searchable. It essentially “categorizes” your content on social media.

While this might not seem like something that would make much of a difference, it can make a big impact by helping you reach new audiences. When someone searches for a topic of interest on a social media platform and you’ve included that term as a hashtag in your post, your content will show up in their search results! Without a hashtag, however, your content remains limited to your current group of followers.

As a result, someone who might never have discovered your business could subscribe to you on social media, visit your website, or even become a loyal customer. Simply by adding a pound sign to your social media content, you’ll be able to increase views and engagement on your posts.