The Emotional Side

Submitted by Birdeye on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 10:20am

Effective marketing does much more than simply deliver facts and statistics regarding your product or service. The best marketing campaigns understand that they need to get emotional—even if it’s sad. If you really want to make a strong impression with your potential customers, tapping into the emotional nature of your brand is an absolute must.

There are four key emotions utilized in marketing campaigns: happiness, empowerment, nostalgia, and sadness. Don’t believe us? Next time you watch a TV commercial or view an effective social media ad, think about how the ad made you feel. Chances are, one of these emotions came into play.

So how do you tap into the emotional side? You might be surprised to know that colors and visual graphics play a big role in this process. These elements activate the right brain, which is directly connected to your emotions. Reading, on the other hand, connects to the logical left brain.

To ensure you make a strong emotional impact, start by focusing on the colors, photos, and other visual elements of your ad first. Consider what emotions these visuals will trigger. Don’t forget that complementary colors can also play a role in this area! With the appropriate visuals in place, you can then let the text serve as a simple reminder about the subject matter.

By emphasizing emotions through visual content, you’ll be better able to generate a powerful impact with your audience.