Ways to Keep your Site Safe & Secure

Submitted by Birdeye on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 10:51am
Birdeye Design, LLC - Wooster Ohio

We take our web hosting responsibilities very seriously here at Birdeye, and that requires more than just helping your site look good. Hackers are constantly trying to gain access to confidential information stored on your site, which can prove disastrous for your business. Because of this, we invest significant resources into improving security for the sites we host. Here’s what we do.

Routine Maintenance & Patches

Digital security needs are always changing, which requires consistent monitoring from our team. We track global news to stay up to date on new weaknesses or exploits so we can utilize security updates and install new patches when needed. This also includes checking your site for out-of-date libraries and plugins which can often be overlooked. When a new risk is discovered, we take swift action to fix it and let our clients know about the update in the rare instance that any downtime might result from our work.

Login Protection

A quality password can go a long way in protecting your site, especially with our login protection system. If an unauthorized user submits five failed login attempts in a row, we permanently block their IP address from your web server. This protects you from bots who might try to guess your password to hack your site. But what if you or one of your employees forgets their password and gets locked out? You can use What is My IP Address to find your IP address, and then send it to us to unblock your computer and whitelist the address. We also provide automatic password reset features to help you if you forget your login.

Daily Backups

Sometimes, hackers don’t want to steal confidential information — they just want to mess with your site's content. We’re prepared for that, too. We run backups of our clients' websites each business day, and store daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly backups of each site. If your site is altered by hackers or you accidentally delete your content, these backups allow us to restore your site and get everything running properly again.

Server Notifications

An attack on your site should never go undetected. Our servers have been configured to provide an instant alert whenever suspicious activity takes place. Custom event triggers allow us to quickly identify potentially fraudulent behavior, verify the threat, and then notify our clients. You are always kept in the loop in regards to what is happening and what we are doing to address it.


In addition to these security features provided by Birdeye, it is important that you regularly review your own practices such as always keeping your computer updated with the latest security releases. This further improves your security as you access websites and reduces the risk of your account being hacked to send out spam emails. Consistent care for your site's security will ensure proper performance and keep you from getting blacklisted. This way, you’ll always be able to reach your customers.