What Are Moodboards?

Submitted by Birdeye on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:01am

Here at Birdeye, moodboards play a key role during our web design process. These documents allow us to determine the key design pieces that will be showcased on your site, giving our team a clear snapshot of what your site should look like once it is completed.

The moodboard design allows us to develop the colors, typefaces, and other design details and features that will make up the look of your site. All of these elements combine to create a particular feeling associated with your brand or site—the overall feeling people will get when they view your content.

Knowing the feeling you want to evoke with your site content will determine a lot of the details that will be included in your moodboard. Are you a woodworking site that wants to display your dedication to old-time craftsmanship? Or are you a modern firm that wants a sleek, stylish look?

People should experience different emotions when viewing these sites, and the elements that go into your moodboard (and that eventually make their way onto your website) will ultimately make all the difference in sending the right messages to your customers. By taking this extra step in the design process, you can have confidence that we’ll get things done right the first time so that your website delivers the feeling—and the results—you need.