Why Do Images Matter?

Submitted by Birdeye on Wed, 10/18/2017 - 9:53am

The classic saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words” has always been relevant for advertisers, but it is absolutely essential for having a successful website. Images play a significant role in your website, helping to illustrate difficult concepts, showcase your product, or simply provide added visual appeal.

Of course, not any image will do. Choosing a high-quality image will help your website look great on any device, but a blurry, low-quality photo that you took on your phone will almost always send the wrong message to site visitors.

Choosing images that match your brand and reinforce your brand messaging is equally important. Every element of your photos, including style, colors, and perspective should match your branding. If you have a traditional brand, then your photos need to be traditional. If you have a cutting edge brand, you shouldn’t be afraid to use sleek, “cutting edge” imagery.

Beyond creating a positive impression for your brand, images can also play a major role in your search engine optimization efforts when you enlist the help of an SEO specialist. When you combine quality images with SEO best practices, you’ll be able to attract new customers and impress them when they arrive at your site, creating great new business opportunities.