May 1, 2015
At Birdeye, we strive to deliver the best content and design possible for your site because we believe in raising the standard of what’s out there.
Apr 15, 2015
When we meet with prospective clients we spend a good amount of time answering questions – and rightfully so.
Feb 10, 2015
Having brand recognition is one of the most sought after goals to achieve when you own or run a business.
Feb 3, 2015
As a designer, I am not afraid to share that I impulse buy because of great packaging. If something looks great, I judge the book by the cover, and give it a try.
Jan 30, 2015
In a previous blog we talked about the dynamics of video production, primarily in camera movement. We discussed sliders and jibs and mentioned the track and dolly. In this blog, we'll discuss…
Jan 27, 2015
Many companies have style guidelines in order to provide a designer or marketing agency with the rules of what they can and cannot do.
Jan 23, 2015
There are certain videos that you just can’t look away from, but you’re not entirely sure why.
Jan 20, 2015
We have harped on how much a good brand, logos, and marketing materials can do for a company.
Jan 16, 2015
A logo sting is the little animation of a logo at the end of a video or commercial.
Jan 15, 2015
With illustrations and info graphics in advertisements, you will have a lot more options and your style can be more customizable.
Jan 8, 2015
Sometimes the unexpected can really surprise you, especially when you see the thought and effort our team has put into it
Jan 7, 2015
We are fortunate to have a great group of thinkers at the Birdeye office and because of that we have developed a sister company, Hatch.
Jan 2, 2015
In the production stage there are several key elements that come into play like picture style, white balance, and exposure.
Dec 13, 2014
Believe us, even we cannot see what your password is. This is because the password is encrypted in the database.
Dec 6, 2014
Almost all of the data for your site is stored in a database. This database includes text, links, usernames, passwords (don't worry, they're encrypted!), and everything else.
Dec 4, 2014
While it is great to impress visitors with such awesome graphics, if it doesn't provide the visitor with anything other than a simple attraction, you could be wasting valuable space.
Nov 29, 2014
They were concerned about their traffic results being skewed because of the quantity of these referrals. And so were we.
Nov 28, 2014
41% of companies use blue for their main color. Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Lowes and the list goes on.
Nov 27, 2014
It all begins with need. We partner up with you to develop a strategy based on the needs your company has in a site.
Nov 26, 2014
Every designer will eventually arrive at a creative block, this happens when nothing is popping, when nothing gives you that kickstart to a project.