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Worthy Print Work

  • 07 September 2015
  • Posted by Editor
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Print design has definitely taken a hit in the last five years, but we still think it is as valuable as ever. With so many advances in digital technology, [...]

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Keeping up with Security

  • 04 September 2015
  • Posted by Editor
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Keeping up with security issues can be difficult. In the digital era that we live in, we are constantly finding security holes that hackers burrow their wa[...]

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How much smaller can I get?

Technology is ever evolving. That’s something we seem to be seeing more and more. With each new release of a smartphone or computer system, we’re seeing so[...]

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Staying Creative

Sometimes as a creative person in the 9-5 workday, your job can make you feel stuck. Any workplace is going to require a little bit of repetition, and some[...]

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Mentioned in a previous blog, Birdeye is always evaluating and adjusting it's systems. We do this in order to ensure we have the best systems in place to w[...]

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Be Prepared, Don't Plan

There is a major difference between planning and preparation. If you are prepared you can adapt and adjust to any situation. Planning is a case-specific re[...]

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Time Matters

Time matters in today's busy lives. Time matters when you're hungry and when you are shopping. Do you have to get it on the run at a fast-food restaurant o[...]

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Simple Navigation

The content on your site is the most important element of your site. This is a well-accepted concept, and Birdeye fully believes this to be true.

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